Science is what leads to world progress. It leads to finding cures for cancer, medicine, inventions, aircraft and of course, weaponry.

It involves the collection, collation and testing of knowledge that leads to explanations and predictions about the world we live in.

When people think of science, they often think of test tubes and Bunsen Burners. That is, of course, part of it, but it is not the be all and end all of the scientific method. There are different types of sciences, including natural sciences which study the material world and universe around us.

There are also social sciences, which study people, their behaviour and the way our societies function.

Formal sciences include mathematics and the study and outcome of logic and the way it can be used to solve problems. Science backed disciplines such as medicine, aeronautics, engineering and so forth are called applied sciences and are watch really drives world change. On this web page, you will find explanations of what some of the sciences that we study today are. You will also find an overview of how science is used to shape the world we live in. You will also find information about some of the biggest science festivals around the world as well as a some of the most important scientific discoveries that humans have ever made. We will also look at the link between wartime and accelerated scientific discovers as well as the effect that science fiction has on the development of real science.