Science Festivals Around The World

Science is definitely not boring and festivals celebrating human knowledge are fun, interesting and something that you should definitely put on your to do list, at least once in your life.

Festivals of this sort are always tied to creativity and aim to show that the pursuit of knowledge and development is not only interesting, but a whole lot of fun.

Such festivals often feature installations that test your brain, intelligence and also tap into the creative aspect of every day life.

If you have a young family, taking them to a Science Festival is a great way to stimulate their mind and foster an appreciation of learning and applying what they learn to be used in everyday life.

You might think that science festivals are only held in big cities where they have science museums. This is certainly true and major cities such as London, Sydney, Paris, New York and virtually every capital city around the world organise festivals every year. You will also find that these festivals might culminate in one week of intense activity, but there are plenty of events that are normally held over a period of weeks, if not months. After all, the aim of any science festival is to extract empirical data that can be studied and used to further our collective knowledge. But you might also find that there are also many travelling science roadshows that visit different towns and villages that are, perhaps, not as close to big museums.

Schools, colleges and universities also organise festivals where students can test their knowledge and gather information that they will use in the future. Commercial organisations also organise science festivals and open days to show people how their technology works. With the internet being what it is these days, all it takes is a simple search to see what is going on near you.

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