The Science of Gambling

Why do we gamble? Is it because we long for that dress, that house, or even just a tenner to spend at the pub?

Those reasons mentioned above may be the original motives for joining a casino such as or Mr Green but it is not the reason it is so enjoyable.

In 2013, the substance-related and addictive disorders section of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) was updated. Pathological gambling used to be regarded as a compulsion, motivated by the need to relieve anxiety.

However, it has recently been found that the reason gambling is so fun, is not in fact that it is a compulsion for anxiety but, like drugs when gambling, you release almost 10 times the normal amount of dopamine, giving you that sensation of being on cloud nine. This is why it has been categorised as an addiction rather than a compulsion as this amount of chemicals being sent to the reward system is out of the parameters of “normal”.

Now, this does not mean that everyone who rolls a dice or spins on a video slot will be addicted, if you look at gambling as an enjoyable experience and have no compulsion to play but just a want to enjoy yourself and let off steam, this is a perfectly healthy way to do it.

The problem only arises when you start playing with money you do not have or indeed if the want to play becomes a need to play.

Many casinos such as and Mr Green have special teams dedicated to responsible gambling and are two of the main experts in the field of responsible gambling. Having trained all of their staff in the safest ways to detect an addiction and to then to provide the player with all the necessary information in order for them to find help.

So, there is a scientific reason behind the pleasure of gambling, as there is for every single action we take on this planet.

You have got to love science.