Twentieth Century Inventions

The road to where humankind is today has been a long one that has seen some remarkable inventions that have changed the face of the world. Here are five of the most incredible inventions that science produced between the year 1900 and the year 2000.

The aeroplane

Bicycle mechanics Wilbur and Orville Write invented the powered aeroplane in 1903. The Wright Flyer was a biplane petrol powered aircraft that lifted off the ground for 12 seconds and traveled about 120 feet. It is incredible to think that just over 100 years later, the sky is full of aircraft criss-crossing the globe and carrying hundreds of people on board.


In 1928, Scottish Nobel Prize winner Alexander Fleming realised that the mold penicillium had anti-biotic properties. While Fleming was an accomplished scientist, he noticed this fact by accident. petri dish containing bacteria had been left open and the he noticed that the mold was stopping it from growing. That is how antibiotics were discovered.

FM Radio

Although FM Radio has been eclipsed by the digital era, it is still a very important invention that was made by Edwin H. Armstrong in 1933. It is still regarded a very popular form of entertainment and also has many practical uses in relation to communications.

The Atomic Bomb

As much as it is destructive, the creation of the atom bomb cannot be dismissed in terms of scientific brilliance. The bombs were developed by the UK, the US and Canada and were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 2945 to end World War 2.

The Internet

The Internet of Things is one of the most incredible inventions ever made by man and came into being in 1990 through an Englishman, a computer scientist called Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The internet was first meant to be a platform for internal communication between departments, but soon evolved into the incredible network that it is today.

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